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Gambling Addiction and Loneliness

Gambling Addiction and Loneliness

Having a gambling problem is a very lonely disease. Many people play as an escape from loneliness. He or she may think that by gambling, they could escape painful feelings of loneliness. This is far from the truth.

When an individual plays, he begins to create her own loneliness. The person with the gambling disorder may not realize that gambling is contributing … or it may be the sole source of loneliness.

The problem with compulsive gambling, especially slot machine gambling addiction, is that it actually creates a tremendous amount of social isolation and UFABET  embarrassment. What happens is that when it comes to loneliness, it becomes a catch-22. The person gambles and then feels shame and isolation. The person with the gambling addiction continues to gamble to get rid of the feeling of shame and also the feelings of loneliness and isolation.

Here are some tips to avoid loneliness related to this addiction:

1. Get help with your gambling problem by visiting Gamblers Anonymous or by calling the National Gambling Helpine. You can get a lot of help by calling these two numbers.
2. Start taking care of your physical health by eating right, staying hydrated, and exercising daily. This will also help you feel better emotionally.
3. Start calling friends and family that you have been avoiding while playing the game. Start doing this slowly and don’t get overwhelmed.
4. Go to the website and search for meetings in your local area. Any interest you may have should have a local meeting. You will love!
5. Be sure to follow the instructions in n. 1 first … and then everything else will follow naturally.
6. Remember that you are not alone in your addiction to gambling and that millions of people have also experienced your suffering.

There is hope for the loneliness of gambling addiction. Your life will get better … I promise!

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