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Is Social Networking Using Online Gaming the Future Business on the Internet?

Is Social Networking Using Online Gaming the Future Business on the Internet?

I know what I am talking about. Because I have probably made more mistakes and done everything wrong than anyone else I know. So learn from my mistakes and experience.

I got my MBA and immediately went to work for IBM at their Corporate Headquarters in New York. I then left to work for one of the largest consulting firms in the world. Then I accepted a position to be an original partner in a Top 25 HR/Benefits Consulting firm. It is called HRCG.

But none of those businesses provided me with a secure source of ongoing or residual income.

I wanted to be paid each month for the original work I had performed only one time. Was it possible?

Then last year my good friend Rick Pelton introduced me to a Social Networking and Online purchasing program. He got discounts by doing shopping online at huge retailers and getting a discount.

I loved the idea but hated having to search the internet each month to find something to buy.
I did not want to ruin my reputation, my standing in the consulting community worldwide, or my motivational speaking by getting involved with some MLM crazy idea.

So I did my research.

And I think that Social Networking and the use of Incentivized Social Networks at Play (SNAP) might work as a business on the Internet.

Let me share what I recently found out. In order to have a successful business for the internet you need both Social Networking and Incentivized SNAP games.

I would welcome to hear from anyone about such firms that might exist as a home based business done over the internet.

The key to making Social Networking and SNAP games work as a business is to eliminate some of the negatives usually associated with MLMs and home based businesses:

1- Too many face to face meetings- A great Social networking business would let anyone sign up without going to numerous sales meetings and filling out a lot of paperwork. You can sign up online to try it out.

2- Large sign up fees and front loading of costs to join- If you want to be at the highest level and income potential; all you have to do is invest the same amount as the original executives. There should be no special deals for early adopters.

3- Customers who sign up to just use the products never make any money- A great Social Networking business would have training and education so that customers can make money and be paid to play.

So this future business should be an online business for people all over the world using Social Networking. And we feel that it will be a business that many young people will want to experience.

We have also been approached personally GCLUB through out the years to become involved with various direct selling, network marketing, and even Multi Level Marketing ideas. We have been hesitant to become involved due to the quality of the products or services being offered. Many times the cost of the products was loaded up with commissions to the point that it was not a great value for the end user or consumer.

If you find such an online business that pays you to do Social Networking and to play Incentivized SNAP games; then see if it eliminates the 3 negatives listed above. If it does; let me know.

Mr. Thurston is the President of HRCG. In addition to his official duties, he serves as a consultant to numerous corporations, insurance companies, and third party administrators. His consulting expertise is in the area of network internet marketing, human resources, and employee benefits incentives. He is a national expert in the design and implementation of computer systems for interactive voice response (IVR) administration systems, including flexible compensation, enrollment/communicating benefits, 401(k) plans and health care cost containment. During this extensive experience in consulting, Mr. Thurston has served as vice president of marketing and new product development with Fred. S. James Consulting, a major third party administrator; and was part of task force to implement 401(k) and new benefits for IBM. Mr. Thurston is a member of the board of HRCG, Inc. and the National Tuberous Sclerosis Association.

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