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POS Hardware and Software Package on a Budget

POS Hardware and Software Package on a Budget

Putting together your own Point of Sale (POS) package on a budget, including software, hardware and peripherals is not difficult. There are just a few things you need to keep in mind.

(1) POS Hardware – POS Hardware typically refers to the actual computer and/or servers required to run your point of sale software and to which you will be plugging in your POS peripherals.

In the past, very specific and specialized computer servers and systems were utilized to run POS software, however with the incredible advances in the speed, power and interconnectability of consumer grade computer equipment you can now run your POS software and peripherals from a standard computer you buy at any retailer.

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The reality with computer hardware today is that even an entry level consumer machine you purchase at a a BestBuy or a Costco is plenty powerful enough to run your POS software and peripherals from, so you should be able to pickup a machine almost anywhere and make it work with POS software.

(2) POS Peripherals РDepending on the type of store Tpv Hosteleria you are running, you will require POS peripherals that are specific to your type of operation, and may include some of the following:

Barcode Printer
Till Barcode Scanner
Portable Inventory Scanner
Electronic Cash Drawer
Integrated Credit Card / Debit Machine
Integrated Scale
Receipt Printer
Magnetic Card Reader
Pole Display
Touch Screen

The best place to purchase POS peripherals is actually not from the same retail merchants as you purchase your hardware from, as they often don’t carry POS specific peripherals and if they do they are often sold at higher margins than you can get them from a Point of Sale software company. Your best bet for purchasing POS peripherals is to purchase them from the same company you buy your POS software from, as that ensures compatibility with the software you’re running and Point of Sale software companies can often get you the best pricing on POS peripherals as they purchase them in volume.

(3) POS Software – POS Software is really the “brains” of your entire POS system, which is why it is essential to find a POS Software solution that is right for your business. Choosing an economical option for your POS hardware and/or peripherals is usually a good way to conserve your budget, but when it comes to Point of Sale software it is often a good idea to think of it as a long term investment.

If you simply go for the least expensive POS software it may end up costing your business more money long term and you may end up needing to buy software twice. It is recommended to speak to a Point of Sale software company and weighing your options carefully to make sure you are picking the right solution for your business, rather than the first and least expensive one you come across.


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