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What to Look for In a Real Estate Book

What to Look for In a Real Estate Book

We all know people who spend a lot of money on tapes and books and attend every seminar. They then end up being “Encyclopedias” for real estate investing. BUT, NEVER DO ANYTHING WITH IT! Why? Because you won’t be able to put into practice the information you have heard or read. This will lead you to believe that “this real-estate thing” doesn’t work.

In fact, since John Jacob Astor bought Manhattan in the 1800’s, America has seen more people become millionaires through real estate than any other investment. Even people who make their fortunes in other areas, such as running businesses, have reinvested their profits in real-estate.

It is best to be an investor to learn how to be an investment professional.

RECAP: Rule number two: You Learn by Doing!

RULE THREE: START TODAY — RIGHT WHERE YOU’RE AT. Many new investors make it sound easy by saying things like, “When enough money …”,,” “When enough time …”,” or “When some other things …” are available. Then I will get going – BALONY! They really mean “I am afraid to death of failing at this real estate thing”. And the sooner they admit that, the sooner something truly great will happen in the lives they lead. The truth is that nearly every successful real estate investor, including Donald Trump, Sam Zell and Ron LeGrand, Robyn, and Robyn, was scared to death when they were putting together their first deal. The difference was that they took action and made a move.

Sir Isaac Newton stated it best in his first Law of Motion. An object in motion tends to remain in motion . To achieve something different in your life, however, you need to be “in Motion”. Real Estate is best learned by doing. So get started now! Stop making excuses, and get “In Motion” today. You must also make an effort to keep learning, so you can “Go In Motion”.


RealInvestorsTM(TM) is a key partner for your success. These three rules are important to us. We’d love to hear about any success stories, big or small. We want to see you “Go in Motion” “…. Let’s get started…

Pick one strategy to get you started. Take the first rule of thumb: FOCUS-FOCUS–FOCUS… You should not attempt to master all strategies before you ever get started. We almost guarantee that if you try to be an expert on every strategy, you will quickly become overwhelmed and lose your way. Select the best strategy for your needs, research it, then get out there and implement it.

Set aside 6 months for your strategy. Make connections with other investors working with the same strategy. You must not stop until either six months have passed without any results or you are able to close your first deal using that strategy. Be careful not to get off-track. It was OK. It was acceptable.

Each sport required a completely different mental game. If you went to the ball field with a lacrosse stick in your hand and shoulder pads, you would be asked to “go home” and “come back” when you were “ready to play that sport”. The same holds true for investing – EVEN IF YOU ARE JUST GETTING GOING. Although you might one day be get more info for the moment, you need to keep your eyes on one thing: One strategy. Complete focus until you prove it to work. Most people will commit at least 6 months.


* Participate in the Real Investors Forums and read the posts regularly. You will be exposed to the problems facing real estate investors. There is a good chance that these same issues will be faced by you in your near future.

* Real all the Real Investment Articles. This will enable you to increase your knowledge on real estate investing.

* Visit the Real Investor Bookstore, and choose courses that will focus on the strategy you chose to start. You should not buy courses on multiple strategies before you do your first deal.

* Join your REIA. You will meet many other investors, some experienced and some just getting started. It will give you the chance to network with other professionals who might be able offer you services as a new investor… a contractor. A mortgage broker. You might even find an amazing mentor!

* Invest for your education! You should attend any opportunity to learn more about investing in real estate, such as The National Real Estate Investor’s Conference. These events are a great way to meet, network, and make deals alongside other experienced real-estate investors and scholars. For those times when live events are not possible, consider online classes like Real Investor’s University.

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